Emotions before logic

During several meetings with the team I noticed an alarming pattern: though I was prepared and all my proposals sounded very logical, guys just haven’t bought it.

At the same time, I noticed how some fairly simple ideas can be really engaging, if presented with a lot of passion.

So, after I’d talked to my mentor, revised Radical Candor and read articles on a nonverbal communication, I came up with the following principle.

Three layers of leadership

When you need to persuade a team, your effort is assessed across 3 dimensions, in the order of diminishing effect:

  1. Emotion
    If you want something to happen, you need to emit energy and passion. That was my problem — I was close to a burn-out, and didn’t sound like a passionate man at all.
  2. Credibility
    An audience will likely assess your arguments from the point of your accomplishments and status. It means that before your offer something, you must earn a track record. It can be overcome by a strong charisma (which appeals to emotions).
  3. Logic
    Surprisingly to me, the least important part of the message. Of course, if you try to push a complete bullshit, you will fail. But my main mistake so far is to put almost all bets on logic, without preparing emotionally.

Lessons learned

Now before important meetings I ask myself questions:

  1. What’s my energy level?
  2. If it’s required, can I perform like a rock star?
  3. How can I recharge (power nap, meditation, motivational videos, etc.)?
  4. Am I credible enough for my audience?
  5. Do I need to have 1–1 meetings before, to create a credibility in a more private environment?

Not saying it always goes like this, but I try to pay more attention to emotions and credibility before logic.




Yet another PM

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Dmitry Taranov

Dmitry Taranov

Yet another PM

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